LDP is part of the Ghana Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Alliance through which LDP advocates for the use of mother tongue and the improvement of the quality of basic education in Ghana. LDP is also a member of the Alliance of Strengthening Education in Ghana (ASEG) for which LDP provided PTA and SMC training, mother tongue literacy for about 300 pupils in three primary schools (STAR schools), as well as teacher training in the recent past. Between 2013 and 2015 LDP has been a consortium partner in the USAID/Ghana’s Partnership for Education providing literacy classes for almost 2,000 out-of-school- children in the Karaga District. LDP partners with Wycliffe Bible Translation Netherlands and SIL LEAD in seeking for funding and receiving professional support. Just recently LDP started a partnership with Wycliffe Denmark and CISU. In Ghana LDP works in close collaboration with the GES District offices in the areas in which LDP operates.