Who We Are

LDP seeks to improve upon the educational development in the area of Dagbon (Northern Ghana) through addressing the high illiteracy rates and the poor quality of basic education with a special focus on literacy. Currently, 1,500 school children attending Primary 3 from 47 rural communities in four districts (Kumbungu, Tolon, Mion and Yendi) of the Northern Region in Ghana are benefiting from LDP’s basic education work.  In order to achieve its objectives, LDP has developed a model for literacy enhancement which focuses on primary school aged children entitled ‘Shikuru Bihi Dagbani Karim’ (School children learn to read Dagbani).

LDP works with two groups of teachers; literacy facilitators and GES teachers. The literacy facilitators are members of the communities in which LDP operates. They are Dagomba and literate in Dagbani. They are mostly LDP graduates (from the adult literacy program) or Senior High School (SHS) graduates. They have been trained by LDP in the literacy methodology used by LDP in the primary schools.

These facilitators are needed because of lack of GES trained teachers who are literate in Dagbani, an insufficient number of GES teachers in the primary schools in general, , teacher absenteeism, and the initial negative attitude among GES teachers towards mother tongue literacy. These literacy facilitators are volunteers.

As the program progresses and has found approval by GES, LDP in collaboration with GES will continue to lobby and  advocate for the implementation of the mother tongue based multi lingual education policy in the Districts in which LDP operates among GES teachers and parents. LDP will provide GES teachers alongside literacy facilitators with skills and teaching materials to enable them to teach Dagomba children to read and write well in both Dagbani and English. LDP will further build the capacity of the GES leadership in the supervision and monitoring of Dagbani literacy in the primary schools.

Our Objectives

LDP seeks to improve upon the educational development in the area of Dagbon through addressing the illiteracy rate and the poor quality of basic education with a special focus on literacy. The objectives of LDP are:

To substantially increase the educational attainment levels in literacy (Dagbani and English) among primary school children in especially the rural areas

To provide teaching and learning materials in Dagbani

To increase the capacity, participation and motivation of GES teachers in implementing mother tongue literacy in their schools

To raise awareness among parents and community leaders about the importance of mother tongue literacy in particular and education in general, and the roles they can play in the education of their wards

Our Activities


  • Provision of a literacy methodology for children in lower primary
  • Training of literacy facilitators and GES teachers
  • Supervision and monitoring of classes in collaboration with GES circuit supervisors
  • Assessment of learners’ literacy skills
  • Training of School Management Committees (SMCs) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)
  • Development, revision and printing of literacy materials
  • Organising writers and translators workshops to build capacity for the development of local literacy materials
  • Developing of training manuals for teachers to teach literacy
  • Lobby and advocacy for improved quality of language education in primary schools

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