Mother Tongue Literacy is the heartbeat of our Organization therefore everything needed to make this a reality in our children is what we strive to do. Provision of learning material, stationery, provision of community literacy volunteers, training of teachers, monitoring and supervision, assessments, baseline research and a whole lot.

Teacher Training:

LDP is blessed with Literacy Consultants who develop the right content on the most effective approaches and methodologies of teaching reading in the Mother Tongue. These materials are taught Government Teachers, Community Literacy Volunteers and Headmasters on how to administer them to learners.

We have developed alphabet chat, “Bachinim’ mini di kumsi”, Primer 1, 2 & 3 with Teacher’s Guides to help teach reading to our children. Refresher trainings are done every year to keep teachers up to task. Though our CLVs are assigned to only P3 but due to lack of Dagbani Teachers in the classrooms, the teachers joggle from p3 to many of the classes in the schools. They contribute greatly to the successes of the LDP Mother Tongue Literacy in our intervention communities.

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