Library Boxes

This was an initiative done to preserve some beautiful oral Dagbani stories for kids. Writers were brought from various places, people with enormous knowledge in authorship, to carefully write down short stories, some of which are rhymes for pupils to daily read to help build fluency. In total, 31 different book titles were authored by the assistance of bloom app online.

Over ten thousand copies are so far printed and distributed to all the twenty interventions schools, 10 in each of Tolon and Kumbungu Districts. Weekly, children take a lesson on the literature in the Library Boxes to learn how to read. The books are done in levels. Pupils who are beginners start with level 1 and progress to level 3 or more, the lower the level, the easier to read and understand. Whenever students build fluency with one story, they shift to the next book till they read all the 31 titles.

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