About us

Who we are

Literacy and Development through Partnership (LDP) is a Non Governmental Organization working among the Dagomba people in the northern part of Ghana. LDP exists so that children and adults in northern Ghana can learn to read and apply their literacy skills to better their lives.  Local trainers from the Dagomba community work together with the public schools in northern Ghana to improve the quality of basic education.  LDP works with these community facilitators and the Ghana Education Service to provide teacher training in literacy, to develop reading materials, and to advocate for and implement Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education in public schools.

Our Vision

The vision of LDP is to ensure that rural communities in northern Ghana have access to a high standard of basic education, freed from illiteracy leading to the improvement of an individual’s life and the development of society as a whole. 

Our Mission

Working in collaboration with rural communities, other Non Governmental Organisations, and Government Organisations, LDP exists to empower poor rural communities in Northern Ghana to free them (the rural people) from social, economic and political deprivation through literacy, quality basic education and development.

Our Values

  • LDP finds inspiration in the Christian faith and values good Christian morals.
  • LDP values the availability and use of functional literature, particularly in the mother tongue of the Dagomba people. From this should come the respect for all people, religions and cultures, holistic development, social change, and equal opportunities for the girl-child and women.
  • LDP values involvement of the target communities at every level of operation. Therefore it is essential that they receive adequate and relevant training to enable them to function effectively.
  • LDP values service, which starts at the grassroots based on interest and choice of the communities and proceeds to all institutions which have related interests.
  • LDP values partnership, which is shown by the fact that we are working in collaboration with other institutions with common aspirations.
  • LDP values excellence in who we are and what we do.

Organizational Background

LDP started its work in 1985 under the auspices of the Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) under the name Dagbani Literacy Project. In 2005 LDP was registered as an NGO. Initially LDP served the illiterate Dagomba adult population. Since 1985 LDP has carried out literacy in the districts of Tamale, Yendi, Sang, Namuba North, Gushiegu, Karaga, Tolon, Kumbungu, Savelugu and Nanton. Since its inception in 1985 more than 40,000 people took part in the different stages of the literacy program.  Close to 13,000 people took part in our classes between 2011 and 2016. Out of this number, 8,359 learners obtained a certificate in basic and/or advance mother tongue literacy and oral and/or written English.

LDP graduates (especially adults) have become agents of change in their communities contributing to its development, being able to deal with the outside world who otherwise would take advantage of their ignorance. Adults who have tasted literacy send their children to school which breaks the vicious cycle of illiteracy and forms the foundation for alleviating poverty. Partly

because of the literacy work contacts have grown between the local population and development organisations, which has led to the arising of activity groups that have dedicated themselves to the improvement of infrastructure, agriculture, education and public health.

LDP staff has a long experience in providing effective literacy classes for rural communities. The organization moves to the most remote areas in the region to reach out to communities which have no or just a little access to education. LDP’s expertise is mother tongue literacy. Because of the use of a simple and straight forward reading methodology, even facilitators without any formal education are very effective in their work as literacy teachers.